A Secret Sisterhood Money Convent Club Chat Pops Up On Social Media


A renowned secret court known as *Sisterhood Money Convent Club* in Ghana has been unleashed after a unknown person secretly chat a convent member..

In a WhatsApp chat recently with a convent member secretly,through their conversation, it is clear that the group is all about trading guys sperms for money and other luxurious treatment like going on a trip etc…To be a member of this group,a lady has to sleep with any guy of her choice and get the sperm in an exchange of an amount of 500 Dollars per a guy….

She continued by saying”the Convent will provide you or arrange a guy to sleep with you for the first time and after that you will sleep with any other guy you prefer;You can also sleep with three guys and get their sperms by joining them into a rubber(condom) for inspection whether its three or less..After providing the sperms,you will be sent to the convent where you will be paid and registered fully as a member”…she stated..

This renowned *Sisterhood Money Convent Group* is located in Ghana(East Legon-America House) and also works nation wide…

My Question to we the young guys or ladies and the generation is what are we living for??The world indeed is coming to an end..

Below is a screen munches;


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