This Is Unbelievable: Tom D’frick Exposed In The Illuminati Group


Ghanaian rapper and Volta Region ‘self-acclaimed’ best lyricist, Tom D’Frick per photos trending on social media might have joined the secret group, Illuminati.
He shared a teaser to his new yet to be released song dubbed ’89’.

In the classic visuals, Tom D’Frick made use of the Illuminati signs and symbols raising some serious concerns.He was caught on camera showing off sinister hand signs associated with the Illuminati.

We are yet to believe that the true meaning of the “89” track his about releasing and its underlying messages is affiliated with the Illuminati group.

The Illuminati is an alleged global elite that secretly runs the world by infiltrating the democratic process, and from behind the scenes, and is often linked to claims of Satanism.

The Illuminati is also a group of persons claiming exceptional enlightenment on some subject, especially religion.
Many people especially Africans frown at Religion.

Some are of the view that it is a money-making movement and that anyone who joins becomes automatically rich.
We ain’t really sure if he is a member or he is trying to prove a point with his yet to be released ’89’ banger.


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