Allow Men To Sleep After Sex – Massage Therapist To Ladies


Celebrity massage therapist, Ransford Afari, has asserted that it is normal for a man to fall asleep right after sex.

Talking about the process of love-making on eTV Ghana’s Kasapreko Alomo-sponsored show, In Bed With Adwen, he explained that when a man gives a woman vibrating orgasm during sex, it is best that the man hugs the lady tight till he falls asleep.

This sleep, however, he terms as quality sleep. He said, ‘’After sex, all you need is about 3-4 minutes quality time to appreciate the sex you just had, tell each other what you liked or did not like in the process so it gets better the next time’’.

‘’After that short conversation, the woman should allow the man to sleep because sex is like an aphrodisiac. It can make a man sleep very well for about 30minutes and he will wake up highly energized so if he wants to sleep, allow him’’, he added.

Ransford Afari advised that sex is for women and procreation is for men hence, before having sex, men should make it a priority to give the woman pleasure and not himself.



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