“Dating A Social Media Slayqueen is a Suicide


Dating a broke social media slay queen is like suicide, their demands are very high because of the rich and fake boss chick lifestyle impression they created.

First of all, the cost of their body cream alone is very expensive, not to talk of their Brazilian hairs and the amount you the guy has to spend at the salon countless times in a month.

Broke social media slay queens have created the impression that they are living flashy lifestyles which is a complete ‘audio lifestyle’.

They only post a picture that they took at expensive places they visited just to impress people on social media.

Some of them can stop by a flashy car at the mall car park just to snap pictures that can suit their self-acclaimed rich lifestyle on social media.

If you don’t have a car, you cannot date them because they want to pose in your car, take snaps inside and post online. They live the life that they cannot afford.

If you are a guy who can’t afford their lifestyle or you don’t have the money to sponsor them to continue living the fake life that they are living on social media but you are deeply in love with one of them, consider yourself done.

The worst part of the whole thing is that when she is not in love you.

When you are a normal ghetto boy hustling and you are dating a broke social media slay queen, your mother would be sick at the hospital in your home town and you can’t go and take care of her because you have invested all your money on girlfriend.

Be careful of who you choose as your partner if you want to succeed in life


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