Ghanaian Man Invites His Mother To Abroad For His Graduation For Her To Die


A Ghanaian man is ending this year 2019 with a heavy heart.

In a viral video circulating on social media, the man said he invited his mother over to come abroad (he didn’t specify the country).

She came alright to witness his graduation. The guy noted that the main motive behind inviting his mother over was for her to feel accomplished in life that at least his son has made her proud.

Only for her to die.

Narrating how everything happened, the sad guy said he went to book a plane ticket for his mom so that she can return to Ghana on the 31st of December.

She was not really feeling fine the morning he left for work.

Upon getting back, he came to see the body of his mom lying lifeless on the floor.

Watch the video below [viewers discretion is advised]


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