Mad Man Seen Sleeping With A Tramadol Abused Lady


Drug Abuse is indeed a horrific practice which has become part and parcel of the youths,many abuse drugs to release stress, to forget their problems and many more.

As one of the least effective opioid painkillers, many human beings accept as true with tramadol isn’t addictive. This fake experience of protection can lead some people to increase an addiction without even knowing it.

Using tramadol with out a prescription from a physician or taking it in higher doses, more regularly or for longer than prescribed are all taken into consideration abuse of this drug. Combining tramadol with other substances to boom its effects is also abuse.

It’s vital to apprehend the symptoms and symptoms of tramadol abuse as early as feasible to prevent an addiction from developing. Signs and side effects of tramadol abuse include:

Pinpoint (very small) pupils

Changes in appetite

Nausea or vomiting


Slurred speech


Impaired coordination

Tramadol misuse or abuse has the capacity to result in excessive detrimental reactions, including seizures. Seizures are most likely when huge dosages are taken (commonly 400mg or extra daily), for prolonged durations of time. Seizures are also more common when tramadol is enthusiastic about of antidepressants.

The pictures in this article is an alleged lady who abuses tramadol, leading her to sleep on a road side. unfortunately for her a mad man who leaves in that destination take a privilege of that ‘to open fire’

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