Mamaga D’Diva Spit Out Sexual Assault She Is Facing In The Industry


Avorgah Juliet by birthname and known as MamaGa ,the Afro dancehall diva in showbiz on interview on 28th May at Ace Showiz studio – Akatsi has reveal or talk about certain things which are not being fair on the sides of raising Artist in the country and her region which are not favourable to upcoming celebraties especially in volta Region. Mamaga as known said in the interview that as a female artist she has been sexually assaulted by several people and some of these are artist managers,artists and producers they request for sex before managing her and to be on a project and recording..she pour her heart in tears saying the Major challenge is the sexual harrasment that she faces and many others to are suffering the same way like her.
She said, she always refused and they go like, they don’t think she is ready to be one in the game because that is what some the females in the Industry do, so Some don’t come close again to her because she refuse going to bed with them.
Mamaga have the passion for music but the system is not giving her the chance to showcase it …The year she recorded Scream Loud , she was working as a pupils teacher, there is where she gathered the income from after some months to record it.
She also said, One thing they mostly faced that must be fixed is discovery of talents and management that is hard to come there way because they were not given the platform as the mainstream to showcase there own.
Mamaga want to see her self in ten years to come as a legend in Ghana, in volta Region and internationally.

Mamaga said, Because, of the word “underground or uprising” And in mind, you ain’t famous so they can’t give an opportunity to showcase your work and she won’t say “underground or uprising” are better than the mainstreams but some of these talents are extraordinary.
She urge all show organizers to kindly show them some kind of love and grattitude now not when they are on the top before and concerning settling them they should not treat them as if they are not human.
She ask from the djs to play their songs more oftern than the top celebraties and beg them to do play from heart like how they dont take money from those in the mainstream and stop saying their songs are not good …she said they play patapizy songs which some dont have meaning but judging their owns.


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