My Fame In Ghana Was Short-Lived – Rashida Black Beauty


They say only a fool doesn’t realise his mistakes but it’s one thing to realise your mistake and another to learn from it.

Well, Ghanaian internet sensation, Rashida Black Beauty has learned hers the hard way as she has recounted what caused her downfall in the entertainment industry.

Rashida Black Beauty caught all the attention on social media after bursting into the media space with her viral ‘malafaka’ video.

She featured in a quite number of TV series for some time and disappeared into obscurity. Nothing was heard from her till her ‘housefly’ nu-de video came out.

People thought she would bounce back after the unfortunate incident but it was followed by one nightmare; she got pregnant and disappeared for good.

Over a year and a half after giving birth, Rashida has shed light on what actually caused her to disappear from the entertainment industry.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, Rashida revealed that bad management was a contributing factor to her downfall.

According to her, the person who used to manage her took advantage of her in terms of her dividends after shooting a scene for a Tv series or a movie. To her, she was improperly managed and would have made it big if he had met her current manager before.

She further revealed that she’s now focused on learning a trade to support herself but she still has an interest in acting and with her new manager, Avram Ben Moshe, things will get better.

Watch her interview below:


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