People Of Awadiwoe Kome Primary School Cries For Infrastructure


A visit by a Media worker to the Awadiwoe Kome,a farming country island located in the Volta Region-Sogakorpe has revealed an array of problems undermining the quality of teaching and learning in the school.

Established some  years ago , the school has seen very little or lethargic improvement, especially in the area of infrastructure. A closer look at the school brings nothing but complete discouragement to students or people who enter Awadiwoe Kome for the first time.

Even though Ghana is now touting herself as an revolutionary country, it appears highly satirical when hundreds of students and people struggle to have access to infrastructure….

The Headmaster,students and people on the community said there was the need for them to “cry the cry of the school ” – since the occasion had assembled almost all the key stakeholders in the district.

According to him, the School after  years of existence has no better administration block and offices for management and staff.

The Headmaster said that the School was also faced with inadequate classrooms. This is because the same structures which were in existence before the school, still remains the same, thereby, creating serious congestions and discomfort among students and tutors.The current infrastructure is at the verge of collapsing and also very dangerous..He also said,they have wrote a lot of letters to the Minister Of Education but still there is no change..

In fact it was an eyesore to see hundreds of students housed in an abandoned classroom . The said houses are not plastered, painted and has no louvers. There is also heavy congestion in the houses..

They are passionately appealing to the government to take a critical look at the infrastructure in the school and give it the needed boost to ensure quality teaching and learning as they are donating to other schools in the regions..


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