Selly Galley Orders Praye Tietia To Perform House Chores


A video has popped up of Ghanaian singer and one member of the Praye group helping his wife and fashion icon, Selly Galley.

In the video posted by Selly Galley, Prayetietia is seen sweeping their compound whilst the Tv presenter sits with folded legs to enjoy her lemon juice.

According to Selly Galley’s caption of the video, she is making good use of Prayetietia in this lockdown and quarantine period.

“Making good use of him this quarantine period 😁. But @prayetietia is really good with chores ,really good 😀… as I write with folded legs sipping my lemon 🍵😁😁😁
Good morning and happy new month from the Fiawoos 😍

After performing the house chores, the singer was rewarded with some mouth-watery local dish.

This is what the Bible described as sin! 🤦🏻‍♀️😄
@prayetietia 😄
Reward for helping in house chores. Encouragement for him to do more 😆
Part 1 loaded
#quarantinelife #EverydayLife


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