Shameless Hohoe Slay Queen Busted In The Act Stealing


A shocking photos has hit the web showing the moment a slayqueen has allegedly tried to steal from a house but was caught.

Most Ghanaian females who have tagged  themselves with the Slay Queen tag with all it’s negative connotations are a bunch of hungry, lying thieves who go about as if they own million dollar mansions right here in Ghana.

Many of these so called Slayqueens with their overly strange make up faces, ‘two by four’ wigs,bleached skin and China phones will act as if they are on their own but you’ll take them to your house, feed them,give them something small and they’ll steal you as ‘Thank You’.

In a photos that has went Viral On Social Media, a woman has busted a lady in attempt to break into a room to steal some money..

Per the witnesses, the lady tried to break into the room after the victim went out but her lucky stars abandoned her and she was grabbed.

Pictures of the Slayqueen



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