SHOCKING : Is Jah Phinga Really Into Rituals ??


Fast rising musician Jah Phinga was allegedly seen in a viral photo receiving powers yesterday at a shrine.. The latter accused Jah Phinga of having a shrine in his house..

In a photo cited by Tastynewspoint team on the artiste’s Facebook page yesterday,the artiste was seen kneeling down before an old lady who has been claimed as the fetish Priest, has her hands put on the artiste’s head and was incarnating some unknown words..

Could it be true that the artiste is into voodoo??Could it be the voodoo is the main source of his back to back songs in the region and making him to win the VMA artiste of the year???

This are some of the questions popping up in the minds of his fans… Even though the artiste hasn’t confirmed what he was doing there or at that moment ,many keep on believing it…

As expected, a large number of Jah Phinga’s fans have called out to their artiste over this allegations… Jah Phinga is yet to react to the statement or Post and we all know that it will be happening soon.

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