Tom D’frick Send A Piece Of Advice To Slayqueens And Kings


The Best Rapper In Volta Region and also the CEO of Tom Consult ,Tom D’frick have a piece of advice for slayqueens and kings.He posted this on his IG Story..

You can’t be dressed in a conservative manner and expect a fashionista look.
We all want to be successful but many of us don’t put in the necessary effort; that your little effort of yesterday cannot move a car not to talk of a mountain. To be a successful person is not automatic or by magic.

Don’t get too comfortable with yesterday’s achievement so as not to become a forgotten hero, update yourself every day.
The applications in our smartphones are being updated by the programmers regularly to serve the users better same can be applicable to people. Forget yesterday’s achievement and strive to achieve more.

You see people achieving great things, you hear them talk about their dreams and how they work tirelessly day and night to achieve these things but you are there always wow-ing like a siren.

Why can’t you be the one achieving these great things?
Does it mean you belong to the wow-ing category?
Does it mean that applauding is your hobby or you are comfortable with the status quo?

Slay queens and slay kings; I love your shirt, your make up is amazing, you are the real #pepperthemgang.

I tell you today, let your brain and achievements do the #pepperthemgang for you so that you won’t become very useless like the most expensive empty Hennessey bottle.

Slay with your brain and achievements then spice it up with that great looks.
No amount of effort, endurance and sacrifice is too much for you to pursue your goals, just make God the most powerful your spinal cord; and you will see yourself catching-up with your dreams!


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