V/R : Ave Dakpa Crocodile Pond,The Bizarre Crocodile Pond In Volta Region


One of my favorite tourist attraction spots I wouldn’t like you to miss when you are in Volta Region is the Ave Dakpa Crocodile Pond in the Volta Region,which is very close to the Regional Capital Ho .

This hidden and unknown pond is filled with some of the biggest crocodiles in the world. , The  pond is a sacred one and the crocodiles should be treated as royals. Up till now it’s a taboo to harm or kill these reptiles. It is believed that the oldest crocodile is in this water ..

Crocodiles are wild creatures but not the ones in Ave Dakpa,These crocodiles coexist with humans and their friendly
interactions with humans baffle the minds of many tourists including myself.


Ave Dakpa crocodile pond sanctuary is yet to be visited by millions of voltarians,Ghanaians and travelers from all parts of the globe. There are no trained tour guides who will perform some exercises before the crocodiles come out of water. Much history about this new location is yet to be found and traced..

Its so beautiful how this works and you wouldn’t wanna miss anything so make sure you have your camera ready for the show. This is where you have your closet encounter with crocodiles.

The fun part is, you can touch, caress or even “sit” on these reptiles when they comes out. The only place on the planet where you can pose for your memorable photos, sitting and holding the tail of some of the biggest reptiles in the world.

These crocodiles are harmless and friendly but please take extra caution as anything is possible. Nevertheless, no body has ever been reported hurt or killed by these beautiful lizards since it’s inception.

After the fun, you can “chill” in some of the affordable but nice drinking spots and
restaurants around. There is
a motel with affordable rates if you decide you want to stay overnight.

Check this video out;


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