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V/R : Fetish Priest In Volta Region Invoke Curses On The Vice President Of Ghana


A fetish priest who claimed to be a National Democratic Congress (NDC) party grassroot in Agotime-Ziope district of the Volta region has invoked curses on the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for saying the NDC has failed to construct roads in the region.

On Saturday 19th October at a grand durbar of the 2019 yam festival of the chiefs and people of Klefe in the Ho Municipality where the Veep was the guest of honour, he japed the opposition NDC party for failing Voltarians most especially under infrastructure development.

“When you come to the Volta Region, you will get a big shock about the bad state of the roads. For eight years of a government, not one road was completed,” he said while delivering his speech.

Following this comment, the priest who disclosed his name as Hunor Awutsisi Gbor accompanied by two of his subordinates poured libation with bottles of schnapps and a ram on Ziope-Akatsi highway, one of the roads he (the priest) said was constructed under NDC. While pouring the libation, he said wished doom upon the vice President, he chanted and called on the gods of the land to let the Veep “feel sorry for his words” .

He prayed to the gods to punish Dr. Bawumia “for saying that, the NDC has done nothing for us” , he said he cannot attack the Veep physically but through his gods “may his (the vice President’s) car catch fire anytime he is travelling on the roads (roads constructed by NDC) ”

When ClassFm engaged him after the prayer, he said ” what I have heard is unpleasant to me, we all walk on this land so it is unfair for one to discriminate another, why should NPP say that about NDC?, it is not nice hearing, so whenever someone hit you, you also have to hit back, however he has offended me even his own things (gods) ” the priest said in Ewe dialect.

Hunor Awutsisi Gbo, who was said to have worked in the Agotime-Ziope District Assembly as a security personnel under the NDC revealed that, he will continue to perform the prayer across the various roads constructed by the NDC in the region, including Akatsi by-pass to Aflao, Kpando-Alavanyo road, Abor- Ohawu to Tadzewu roads, Fotome-Liati road and some urban roads in the Ho Municipality.

He then encouraged Voltarains to continue supporting the NDC party and to work hard for victory in next year.

Road issues in the Volta region

Some roads in the coastal line of the Volta region are in good shape, some of which are, Aflao- Sogakope highway, Ho-Fume road, and Mafi- Ho roads, and all these roads were said to have been constructed under the NDC.

Meanwhile majority of some roads from Akatsi North district, through Ketu South and North areas including parts of Ho and Hohoe are in poor shapes, one of which is the famous eastern corridor road which was abandoned for the past two years among other detorareting roads in the region over non payment of monies to road contractors.

On various grounds the residents, opinion leaders, chiefs and youth have demonstrated against the ruling government for abandoning these roads in the region, despite numerous promises by the government to pay the contractors to resume work on these roads, Voltarains are yet to see physical actions.


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